Follow the money. The billionaire Pritzker family funds many trans health initiatives because they make money from drugs that these patients must take for the rest of their lives. These doctors should lose their licenses for violating the Hippocratic oath.

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Until there are severe penalties, these hospitals will continue to do it.

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The Texas House and the Texas Senate have just passed SB 14 which bans Gender Modification on minors. The governor will sign the bill and it will, I think, go into effect on September 1st.

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May 16, 2023·edited May 16, 2023

Once people become convinced that they have achieved an exalted level of wisdom and morality, that they are the Good and Smart who know better than the unenlightened lesser orders, that their idealism-colored glasses give them a glimpse of the Promised Land, there is no atrocity they won't commit because of "good intentions" "for a better world" etc etc (insert self-flattering delusion here).

The Trans cult baptized in Gender ideology really believe that they are saviors of the marginalized, that the holy Trans child was put on earth to teach us all about "inclusion" and being your True Authentic Self™, and that with their scalpels and hormones they will sculpt their version of the Soviet New Man, the New They/Them.

These people really believe that mutilation and sterilization are compassion, and that biology and reality are illusions while the feelings of disturbed children are holy writ etched in stone.

In their minds hiding a child from their parents, changing their sex behind their parents' backs, and starting them on their "gender journey" with drugs and surgeries, makes them the moral equivalent of the French Resistance, hiding and saving poor victims from the evil oppressors trying to kill them (those oppressors being Mom and Dad, and the immutable reality of human sex).

They will not stop until some opposing force stops and defeats them.

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"Last spring, executives at Texas Children’s Hospital announced that they would cease performing transgender medical procedures on children,..."

"I have obtained exclusive whistleblower documents showing that, despite its public statements, the Houston-based children’s hospital—the largest in the United States—has secretly continued to perform transgender medical interventions, including the use of implantable puberty blockers, on minor children."

Of course - but proof is important, and can be carried over as prima-facie cause for looking into other purported stoppages, elsewhere. "Trust but verify."

This conduct is like the lying - is an extension of it. They cannot stop acting upon their ideology any more than they can stop advocating for it - ideology is a compulsion which defies reason. This is the outcome.

This will require licensure and criminal penalties to gain a semblance of lawfulness.

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These doctors should be outed and publicly shamed.

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Chris, I don't know how to do it, but thank God that you do.

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Criminal prosecution with hard prison time, followed by civil lawsuits, is the only answer when dealing with sociopaths and greed.

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May 17, 2023·edited May 17, 2023Liked by Christopher F. Rufo

I teach at a community college, and without a doubt, the Left has won the race through the institutions. I am now a subversive, with my students, quietly teaching normie values such a 2+2=4!

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May 16, 2023Liked by Christopher F. Rufo

Mengele redux.

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SB 14 needs some amendments and it needs to start YESTERDAY!!!

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A "Childrens Hospital".Really?

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Our problem here is that the child sterilizing cult actually believes in itself. They really do think they are doing right by these kids to sterilize them and inject them with carcinogenic wrong-sex hormones. This is the pattern with the child sterilizing cult: some practitioners will continue in secrecy because they believe their own nonsense so completely. Helen Webberly (in the UK) is the most famous example. So much of the cult has taken place online, in "communities" out of sight of regulators, that demand continues to keep the quacks in business. These "communities" egg the ruminating child on, love bomb them, tell that they just need to keep the faith and everything will be fine. Believe, and everything will be fine. They go so far as to kill detransitioner insurance coverage bills because the strict church succeeds by making it hard to leave.

It's a cult, Chris. I'm not just saying that to be mean.

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Obamacare helped grease the wheels for these horrific surgeries being done with insurance coverage approval. Obamacare also gave rise to abortion coverage for same reason. Women made a big deal about having to pay for birth control pills, voila now no problem. No responsibility to not get pregnant nor stay pregnant.

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Although I am stridently left wing on many issues, I part company with so many of my leftist allies who are under the spell of a crypto psychotic movement to modify genders, reshape the human body in the image of a mutiliated victim who they will consider liberated, and turn us into sexless, organless, politically correct automatons.

Among other things, they are too stupid to understand that a young child's desire to be a member of the opposite sex is often a transitory interest which will pass with the next TV season. Show an impressinable 4 year old boy a cartoon about a girl who fights monsters and he may think he wants to be a girl. Unfortunately , our social justice warriors are too pathetically stupid to understand this.

I knew a boy who, at the age of 5, wanted to be female. His Mother cured him of his transgenderism. She taught him all the favorite male sports, he was very good at them, the other guys loved him and he suddently found make up and rouge very boring. I have a piece on substack in which I enumerate 9 reasons why transgenderism is a warped political agenda masquerading as a "scientific phenomenon."


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"sex-change interventions"?

No one -- at least no human -- ever changes sex. And I wish people -- particularly those critical of "gender affirming surgeries" -- would stop using the phrase, at least absent a bunch of scare quotes. Doing so just gives credence to the "argument" that sex changes in humans are actually possible; it just contributes to an egregious medical scandal, to another Big Lie.

While our genitalia are euphemistically referred to as our sexes, that is most certainly not at all what the standard biological definitions stipulate:

"sex: 1.1) euphemistic in singular A person's genitals"

IF having a vagina or a penis was sufficient to qualify a person as a female or as a male, respectively, THEN, sure, we might reasonably talk about people changing their sex. But, again, that is most certainly not what "male" and "female" denote in a scientific and biological context -- or even in credible dictionaries:

"sex: 2) Either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions."


As indicated, having a sex is all about having a reproductive function. Somewhat more precisely, see the definitions from the Glossary of this article in the Journal of Molecular Human Reproduction:

"Female: Biologically, the female sex is defined as the adult phenotype that produces [present tense indefinite] the larger gametes in anisogamous systems.

Male: Biologically, the male sex is defined as the adult phenotype that produces [present tense indefinite] the smaller gametes in anisogamous systems."

"Gamete competition, gamete limitation, and the evolution of the two sexes" (Lehtonen & Parker [FRS]):


Seems that virtually every last man, woman, and otherkin has their own rather idiosyncratic if not self-serving definitions for the sexes. If we're going to resolve the transgender clusterfuck then it seems wiser to base our policies on scientific principles and definitions.

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