The most valid argument you can make against transgenderism is the following:

If gender is just a social construct, as claimed, then WHY do you need hormones to masculinize or feminize? Clearly biology is preeminent to the organism. If you can just argue that you 'feel like a girl, therefore you ARE a girl,' then WHY do you need the help of hormones to accomplish transformation?

Nature decides what you are...plain and simple. Hormones are produced naturally and THEY steer the body towards the masculine or feminine.....

This is the great fallacy behind the movement. This is how it should be argued. IF gender is simply in our MINDS, then why do we need hormones to complete transformation? Because gender is NOT in our minds.....it's a natural inclination decided at birth by your chromosomal makeup. PERIOD.

How you choose to EXPRESS your gender is up to you....but your gender is an immutable characteristic.

Take away the hormones and you revert. Nature(to me nature means God, but I don't insist people argue that way). Left to it's own devices, the body does what the chromosomes tell it to do. THAT is the nature of all beings.

The social construct is the attempt to transform bodies against the will of their own hormones and chromosomes.

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Thank you for calling out these anti human butchers. The Pritzkers have unholy power. Stay safe out there.

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Lawsuits are the way to go. I have lost my only daughter to this evil. It has destroyed my family; the devil is having his day. I will not give in nor give up. All faith believers: please pray for all children, young people and families suffering.

C. Rufo, thank you for your work. Your voice is vitally important. 🙏

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Thanks for exposing this evil fraud.

I al a plastic surgeon and I assure you none of these surgeries work.

The castrated boys with no penis is will have a lifetime of urology problems. The girls on testosterone will have multiple multiple systemic problems that are too extensive for this comment.

Please look into hospital systems like Kaiser permanente in California that will discipline or fire surgeons that won’t participate. Patients also can’t suit Kaiser so I am not sure what Chloe Cole is doing.

We need graphic pictures of what this looks like to expose the malpractice that is sanctioned and funded by a few fetishists needing affirmation

More importantly the gay lobby that is complicit with this needs to be exposed. This is the most politically difficult move. The trans movement biggest source of strength is their gay ambassadors.

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Please keep saying this, exactly this to any and everyone. Thank you for perfectly encapsulating how this evil being done to children and those without true informed consent is not only an affront to God but the money and roots of this ideology and the way the public is being lied to and played about this. Having watched a few former( for obvious reasons as I can't fake the support anymore) friends fall into these rabbit holes and were, as one is not with us and the other, were two of the most psychologically damaged people I knew and definitely fell into the void where wrong is right and right is wrong lives. Evil.

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I learned queer theory during my time as an undergrad sociology student and while getting a Master's in English, and I distinctly remember learning that disambiguating gender from sex did NOT annihilate biological sexual categories. The term "cis" was never used. I finished my degree in 2019. Often in literature, science fiction is used to describe transsexual identities and subjectivities. (I very much appreciated your link to Frankenstein). To me, sexual transition, physically, wasn't the point. Under transgenderISM, the term "roles" gets lopped off (how fitting) from the concept of gender.

In Soc, we learn that gender roles are fluid. This means that constructions of masculinity and femininity change within a culture over time and that there are differences in construction across cultures. What's feminine in one place / time might not be in another. Somehow–and your article outlines the politicization of this topic at its insemination as a concerted "fuck you to western capitalism"–this concept has bled into biological sex fluidity, which, in my mind, was never the point that was made to us in college. The point was that gender ROLES can be fluid as can be our participation in them.

Butler's gender performativity concept was discussed in several of my classes over the years, and was a concept I came to enjoy writing about. But the way we used it was in describing how some men can be feminine and some women can be masculine according to their culture's definitions of those terms. We were encouraged to think about why certain traits were deemed "masculine" and others "feminine" and to examine how these traits are valued and placed into hierarchy. Then we talked at length about how, in order to make our identities legible to one another, we "perform" these gendered traits to people around us. The performance reinforces the binary. Whether it's a man performing masculinity or femininity, the binary is still there. Gender presentation may be fluid, biological sex is not. Even the outliers, the hermaphrodite, is an exception that proves the rule.

Perhaps this is why academics and "gender care" advocates have to do verbal acrobatics to try to fit their new theology into words. No matter how they try, they wind up reifying the gender binary they insist doesn't exist or doesn't need to exist.

This is a bit of a tangent, but this whole concept made me reexamine my affinity for the movie and musical hit "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." The story features a young man in East Berlin who opts for a sex change operation in order to legally marry a man in order to escape communist Germany (before the fall of the wall). In America, Hedwig embraces her femininity and becomes a singer and performer. It's telling that Hedwig makes her transition under duress. Living in a communist country with no socio-economic avenues for self-representation, he becomes a she to flee the country.

The film also touches on the dimensions of poverty that intersect with the transgenderism movement that you describe in the article. If Hedwig had the economic means, she may not have had to resort to physical mutilation to escape. She's poor, and strong-armed by her military fiancée and medical doctor into getting surgery. The scene where he undergoes transsexual surgery is very mad scientist, and she struggles to accept her new body through the rest of the story. The song "Exquisite Corpse" describes perfectly the troubled connection she has to her body after making the transition, and she frequently screams about how her "sex change operation got botched," which is a perpetual source of rage and failed relationships throughout the story.

Ultimately, she watches the Berlin Wall fall from her empty trailer in Kansas (husband long gone), and realizes that her sex change operation is more permanent than the wall "they thought would stand forever." How ironic that transgenderism advocates have a penchant for communism.

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While the activists you mention rationalize their efforts by trying to align themselves with Marxism, etc., at the root of this individual passion for the "rebellion" is straight-up nihilism. A rebellion against life, God, and Nature itself. Self-destruction, revenge, and destruction of the world are the motivations of nihilists. 80% of transgender may have psychological co-morbidities, but 100% of activists are nihilists. That is really all we need to know. Whatever they do or say is motivated by revenge against their very existence.

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Thank you for giving succinct words to the battle so many of us have been privately fighting with our loved ones. May scales fall from the eyes those blinded to truth.

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Great summary. One comment: The pipeline actually runs further than you describe in this piece.

The reality is that “trans” individuals end up in the prostitution business, be it literally on the streets or in pornography, at a disproportionate rate to the general population. They do this because they have a lifetime of medical bills that need to be paid to maintain the fiction they were sold as children, or they need to support a drug habit they developed to cope with the emotional problems they were sold a false fix for.

So it’s actually a pre-school-to-prostitution-pipeline.

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These so-called doctors would have felt at home in Block 10 in Auschwitz.

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How long will those opposed to this nightmare remain cowed by accusations of "transphobia"? The theory behind the movement revealed by Stryker's testimony (no pun) should give everyone even instinctively repelled by this phenomenon, this deliberately engineered and prodigiously funded social contagion, the motivation to stop playing this game. Refer to the "transitioned" by their "dead names" and actual sex. If someone has had his or her genitals removed and patched over with scar tissue, "eunuch" would serve. With the exception of "detransitioners," those who have had surgery but later regret it, the time for misplaced compassion and sympathy is over. The least we can do is refuse to submit to their imperious and narcissistic language prescriptions. The ideology behind the madness is made explicit in this quotation and (as if any more were needed) justifies eternal hostility to this movement:

"Susan Stryker [. . .] contends that the 'transsexual body' is a 'technological construction' that represents a war against Western society. 'I am a transsexual, and therefore I am a monster,' Stryker writes. And this monster, he continues, is destined to channel its 'rage and revenge' against the 'naturalized heterosexual order'; against 'traditional family values’; and against the 'hegemonic oppression' of nature itself."

Frankenstein's monster is the perfect metaphor for the transsexual. Stryker fails to recognize that the narcissistic arrogance of Dr. Frankenstein led him to create a creature outside nature and therefore condemned to a life of lonely wandering, existing only to exact revenge on his creator and the society that rejects it.

Yet Frankenstein didn't have the gall or wasn't sufficiently cynical to attempt to mold society in such a way that his monster could be respected, praised, and rewarded with special privileges by people morally blackmailed into doing so.

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"More gender creative". Wow, they must need a very big university 'education' to come up with something like that.

And thank you Chris for shining this powerful searchlight onto the gory practises at work in the torture chambers of this evil Transgender Empire.

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I'm the black cloud, sorry but I can't help it. So, as I type this, one of these fuck-faces is mutilating a child? I'm armed, it's legal to use force to prevent "severe bodily harm" - where do I show up? Where is the army of armed, angry parents and conservatives storming these clinics and schools and stopping this barbarism? Answer: That this is happening means WE'VE ALREADY LOST. Cuz we know we'd all go to jail or be shot down in the streets, and most importantly? We know not a single goddamned person in power will stand up for us if we did so. My point? Consider how deeply subverted we already are that such people ever got a chance to start this, let alone aren't shut down. And be clear - my comment isn't a threat. I have a legal and moral right to use 'reasonable' force to prevent harm/serious bodily harm/death from happening to me or others. Think about why my comment makes you nervous - I'm talking about stopping people from sexually mutilating children. My Dad's generation? Every person in that joint would be in the effing hospital for treatment for their injuries, or worse...THIS IS WHAT LOSING FEELS LIKE.

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“Nullification surgery is the perfect symbol for the ideology behind the trans movement: the pursuit of the Latin nullum, meaning ‘nothing’; or the related nihil, the root of the English word ‘nihilism.’”

All in under the pretense that it will lead to “utopia” - literally nowhere.

My heart aches for these kids.

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This is what happens when man displays the lack of morality that combines the worst of the Generation of the Flood and the Tower of Babel

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I am convinced that Christopher’s work has been incredibly important to the fight against “wokism” and specifically transgenderism. I highly recommend his book, “America’s Cultural Revolution....”. It is so well written and accessible. Thank you Christopher for your courage, energy, and organization in this fight!

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