September 21, 2020

Federal Agencies Violate Presidential Order on Critical Race Theory

State Department, EPA, and VA violate the presidential order on critical race theory.

by Christopher F. Rufo

The State Department, EPA, and VA are moving forward with critical race theory trainings—in violation of a presidential order.

The agencies are pressuring staff to denounce their “white privilege,” become “co-resistors” against “systemic racism,” and sign “equity pledges.”

  1. The State Department is moving forward with a “21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge,” in which staff are asked to recite a racial equity “pledge,” “select a different minority group daily,” and engage in a “10-15 minute challenge” in “pursuit of racial equity.”
  2. The EPA is hosting a seminar on “Race, Resilience, and the Role of Being an Ally.” They will teach “allyship, anti-racism, white fragility, microaggressions, white privilege, and systemic racism”—the key terms of critical race theory.
  3. The Veterans Administration is moving forward with hosting a “Race Café” at its West Palm Beach office. Employees will have a “discussion of Microaggressions” and executives will sign an “equity pledge.”

This is a grave violation of a presidential order—and threatens to undermine our democratic system.

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