April 21, 2021

Tragedy as a Political Weapon

Philadelphia Public Schools teaches that the Chauvin verdict represents America’s “pyramid of hate.”

by Christopher F. Rufo

SCOOP: The day after the Chauvin verdict, Philadelphia Public Schools teaches kindergarteners that “George Floyd was killed by a police officer” and that America is built on a “pyramid of hate” culminating in “genocide.”

The lesson plan, produced by Philadelphia’s Office of School Climate and Culture, instructs kindergarten through second grade teachers to encourage students to discuss “what happened to George Floyd and the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The teachers are told to share a “social story” presenting the case in racial terms: “George Floyd was killed by a police officer”; “Mr. Floyd was African American, the officer was white.” The lesson teaches that for years, “some police officers have hurt African Americans.”

Finally, the teachers are asked to discuss the “Pyramid of Hate” with the children as young as four years old, teaching that “our society” is built on “biased attitudes,” “systemic discrimination,” and “bias-motivated violence,” which can lead to “genocide.”

As I reported earlier this year, Philadelphia schools have adopted a radical curriculum, encouraging children to glorify “black communism” and simulate Black Power rallies. Meanwhile, in some schools, 87 percent of students fail to achieve basic literacy.

According to the leaked documents, the Chauvin teaching materials were distributed by the school district’s “Social and Emotional Learning Team,” led by Jaimie Piotrowicz and Lauren Thomas.

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