The Anti-CRT Parent Guidebook

Christopher F. Rufo

Here's how to fight critical race theory in your school district.

The parent movement is the currently most vital force in American politics. Millions of mothers and fathers have rallied to defend their children against racialist indoctrination in public schools. Earlier this month, they won the gubernatorial election in Virginia and sent shockwaves through the political establishment.

To help build on this momentum, I’ve written a guidebook for parents who want to fight against critical race theory in their local communities. The guidebook contains everything you need to know to get started: how to define critical race theory, develop a strong argument, and get organized with other families. It’s free to download, but if you would like to contribute to this work, you can become a monthly supporter here.

Christopher F. Rufo

Christopher Rufo is a writer, filmmaker, and activist challenging critical race theory and gender ideology in America’s institutions.