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The Crisis of the Universities

Hamas’s terror attack revealed the hideous face of modern academia.

I went on Varney & Co. to discuss academia’s response to the Hamas terror attacks. Host Stuart Varney asked if the violent, anti-Semitic, and pro-Hamas demonstrations on American campuses were a sign of entrenched liberalism, to which I responded:

It’s a few steps further than liberalism. Liberalism, in the classical sense, was the idea that you have a respectful civil discourse. We’ve now basically imported violent Third World ideologies onto American campuses. American left-wing activists, and even many professors, at prestigious universities have been cheering on the Hamas terror attacks against Israel. This is all part of a longstanding fifty-year process of the capture of our educational institutions. We’re seeing it for the first time in all of its fully exposed hideousness, but this is merely just the tip of the iceberg.

Varney blamed his generation, the Baby Boomers, who, he said, “got radicalized” and then occupied academic institutions. This is precisely the dynamic I described in America’s Cultural Revolution; it has now been exposed to the general public in visceral terms. And the point of origin, I said, was, in fact, the late 1960s:

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