Dismantling Justice

King County formulates a plan to reduce its jail capacity by more than half.

Seattle is quickly moving forward with its plan to “abolish prisons.”

I’ve received a trove of leaked documents from within the King County Executive’s Office claiming that the justice system is a “white supremacist institution” that must be dismantled.

The result will be chaos: Seattle and King County are moving to cut the police department by 50% and to reduce the county jail capacity by 60%, which will lead to a collapse of public order—all in pursuit of a critical race theory utopia.

The following documents emanated from the highest levels of county government, including the senior leadership of the Juvenile Division, County Courts, and the King County Executive’s Office.

Original Source Documents

Christopher F. Rufo is the director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty. He has directed four documentaries for PBS and is currently a contributing editor for City Journal, where he covers homelessness, addiction, mental illness, crime, and other afflictions.