June 28, 2021

Battle Over Critical Race Theory

Advocates and media circle the wagons and try to conceal the truth about a pernicious ideology.

by Christopher F. Rufo

This morning, I published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal taking stock of the Critical Race Theory Revolt, which has driven millions of American families to take action in local school boards and state legislatures.

I also deconstruct a series of myths promulgated by the political Left, which has presented critical race theory as a benign academic concept, cast their detractors as resentful right-wing conservatives, and portrayed anti-critical race theory legislation as an attempt to ban teaching about the history of slavery and racism—all of which are false.

My conclusion: “Critical race theory is a dangerous ideology that will take the nation into racial retrograde; Americans should have no hesitation in opposing it.” Read the op-ed here.

February 9, 2023

The University of South Florida turns left-wing racialism into a psychological conditioning program.