Emerald City Trash Heap

Seattle is overwhelmed by garbage and filth, but the city’s leaders won’t admit it.

The Wrong Narrative

Seattle elites show little sympathy for a woman raped by a homeless man.

Seattle’s Revolt of the Elites

With residents fed up by the homelessness crisis, city leaders and their allies coordinate a PR campaign to convince them that everything is fine.

Go Grow Somewhere Else

Seattle’s suburbs eagerly accept Microsoft’s $500 million investment for affordable housing—but Seattle itself is not interested.

Crimes of Survival

A new trend in criminal-justice reform rationalizes stealing.

Seattle Under Siege

Record numbers of homeless people are occupying the city’s public spaces, despite massive government spending to fight the problem.

Fed Up in Seattle

Citizens of the ultra-progressive city have lost patience with political leaders’ failure to address the homelessness crisis.


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