Tragedy as a Political Weapon

Philadelphia Public Schools teaches that the Chauvin verdict represents America’s “pyramid of hate.”

Merchants of Revolution

California’s ethnic studies initiatives train children in Marxist theory—and opposition to the American system.

The Invisible Asylum

Olympia, Washington, is a microcosm of the problems created by the emptying of mental hospitals.

Senator Cotton’s Stand

The Arkansas lawmaker introduces a bill to protect the military from critical race theory indoctrination.

Subversive Education

North Carolina’s largest school district launches a campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces.”

Revenge of the Gods

California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum urges students to chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice.

Critical Race Fragility

The Left has denounced the “war on woke,” but it is afraid to defend the principles of critical race theory in public debate.

Racism in the Cradle

Arizona Department of Education claims that babies develop the first signs of racism at three months old.


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